Lawn Fertilizing and Liming

Homeowners purchasing fertilizers for multi-acre lawns can experience sticker shock from the cost. We address basic turfgrass fertility requirements comparing cost and characteristics of farm grade fertilizers to lawn fertilizers including advantages and disadvantages. We address fertility programs for different segments of a multi-acre lawn site, for example, a low-cost fertility program for the low-budget "Back Acres" in comparison to the front yard.

The application of fertilizers to large multi-acre lawns is addressed with demonstrations of various fertilizing equipment. We make specific economic and time comparisons of commercial quality lawn spreaders compared to homeowner quality equipment. Lawn spreaders are demonstrated on smooth versus rough lawns comparing time and effort along with cost.

Liming large lawns is a challenging situation for homeowners. Turfgrass soil specialists routinely mention the importance of maintaining adequate liming to prevent soils from becoming too acidic resulting in the inability to absorb available nutrients. Homeowners having their soil pH determined by soil testing routinely obtain recommendations to apply 1 to 2 tons of lime per acre. It is a daunting challenge to purchase and apply several tons of lime to a large lawn. Our training programs address various approaches available to the homeowner. Pelletized lime through a large capacity rotary spreader provides a reasonable solution.

Homeowners are educated regarding investment in the appropriate spreader for multi-acre lawns. A commercial quality large hopper/large pneumatic tire spreader makes an excellent choice. Proper maintenance protects the investment for many years, while reducing time and effort.