Managing Large Lots

New Jersey, already the most densely populated state in the nation, has enacted land-use ordinances in rural areas restricting development. Large lot municipal zoning has been a popular tool, intended to preserve our environment and open space. Many townships in northwestern New Jersey now require 2 to 10 acre properties for single-family homes. Homeowners can find themselves with five acres of turf and little time or know-how to care for it. The dream house in the country becomes an expensive time-consuming management nightmare.

A review of private and public sector homeowner lawn care educational information finds that there are no specific recommendations for managing large versus small properties.

Turf Field Days at Snyder Farm offer answers. Our team has developed educational outreach programs specifically for large lot home owners; addressing time and financial issues through hands-on training. Programs emphasize best management techniques to maximize a lawn's beauty and environmental health. A healthy lawn needs fewer pesticides, fertilizer, and water. Workshops cover the gamut from buying the right mower, sowing the best seed, and proper care and feeding.

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